Ramazan Recber(non-registered)
Hi... This website very beautiful...
Good Website, Keep up the wonderful job. Many thanks! luke http://wybierzhobby.pl
Steven Moore(non-registered)
Dana: Beautiful photography, a wonderful facility, and an outstanding website!
Frank Sharp(non-registered)
What a great collection of impressive images which I just now saw for the first time. Keep up the great work. Thanks. The colors are fantastic, great for hanging in homes and businesses. It's good that you have a great variety.
Lisa Webre(non-registered)
Breathtaking The Lord has blessed you with a keen eye for His beauty and an amazing ability to truly capture His creations at their best. I can almost feel the mist from the sunrise photos and hear the clothesline as the woman hangs her laundry and also hear the hum of the sewing machine as the man works. Your photographs allow me to experience Italy as if I were there alongside you! Thank you.
Lori Sunthonchart(non-registered)
Dana you have been blessed with a creative life force. Your photos are so full of vibrant detail and colors. I love looking at your work!!
Robin Armond(non-registered)
These photos are wonderful!!! It is awesome how the spirit of this event was captured and will never be forgot because of the GREAT things the LORD did thru you Dana.
Christine Duvall(non-registered)
Wanted to take a look at your photos! They are just amazing! I showed my husband the one of the guy walking down the sidewalk.....that is just too neat! Your work is beautiful!
Dorothy Banks(non-registered)
Your photos are beautiful. The Niagara Falls photos are absolutely breathtaking. I will be going back one more time. Just beautiful!!!!!!!
Sherry Hill(non-registered)
Dana - I just today got a chance to look at your photos. These picture are great!! Thanks for fowarding them. I'll check your website ever now and then to see what else you have captured. I hope you find photography relaxing!!
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