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Mayor Edward Johnson of Fayetteville Giving Opening Remarks & Prayer.Some of the girls about to do an African inspired danceOne of the young ladies singingRosa Parks being told to move from a seat in the front of the bus by a white lady and the bus driver.Rosa Parks being told to move by a police officerRosa Parks being removed by the police officer.Group of protestorsA spiritual African danceCarolyn Moore speaking regarding the next scene which was a slave auction.NAACP Blk Hist Month 02-25-17--5NAACP Blk Hist Month 02-25-17--6Depicts a mother holding her child who survived the bombing. They were both injured.depicts a modern dance numberDepicts MLK giving his "I have a Dream" speech.Majority of the cast.Acting President of the NAACP and Carolyn Moore who directed the event.Carolyn Moore with her flowers and glass plaque.